About Me

Hi. I’m Fabienne.

I’m deeply interested in real estate development from a city-building perspective. I’m passionate about development because orange pylons signify life, vibrancy, and opportunity. Or a forgetful construction worker. I love the serendipity of cities and I think there’s very little that’s more beautiful than a city at night. To know what makes a “good city”, I have to know a little about everything – that’s my goal and I hope to document my findings here.

I blog about urban issues I come across that pique my interest, stir my blood, or that I’d like to give my two cents on. When I can do that in 140 characters or less, I tweet it at @fabienneChan.

Everything on here and on my Twitter, obviously, is of my own opinion and not my employer’s. For work that I am doing or have done, check out my LinkedIn page.


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