Sheppard vs LRT

The hot topic-turned-punchline in Toronto right now is subways (‘subways, subways, folks!‘).

The past couple of months has seen city council become an all-out monster truck show, complete with casualties, not-so-secret weapons, and ‘backstabbing’. In round 1, the battle was for Eglinton Ave. The original plan was to have transit served by means of Light Rail Transit (LRTs). Those who oppose it echo this mode of transportation synonymously with streetcars, and lets face it, it’s a powerful word in Toronto as they’re known as clumsy, lethargic, 1960s-industrial revolution-esque chunks of metal limited to routes embedded in streets. However, the newer LRTs that will be released are capable of running at higher speeds, have a more comprehensive design (higher passenger capacity, ground level floors for accessibility), and don’t lie, they’re pretty sexy.

Toronto's current streetcars

New LRTs (Coming in 2014)

After enough arguing and name-calling (‘dictator’, ‘idiot’ etc.) to make the real housewives look like civil scholars, transportation plans for Eglinton Ave were won over by LRTs (and facts and numbers).

But from a larger perspective, the discourse unintentionally served a higher purpose – citizens of Toronto began switching channels from Days of Our Lives to City Council livestreams. This project actually hit home with Torontonians, and so, like the rational self-motivated little beings economists say we are, we began tuning in to the hot mess that is Toronto Transit season 1.

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